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Softwebdesign Studio responds to the specific needs of your company's projects and follows them throughout all theirs - analysis, planning, development, maintenance, improvement. All websites developed by Softwebdesign Studio use PHP, JSP or ASP.NET programming. There were performed hundreds of web development projects of different sizes, using PHP, JSP, PERL, C#, VB, ASP.NET.



    Managing a web site or a web application is changing, deleting or adding new content (text, images, animations, links ... etc) and updating the web site structure.

    The management of a web site should be directed at maintaining or increasing the number of visitors. It is imperative that once a website has been posted online, this benefit management services so that web pages always provide information about products and services displayed in the website.

    If a website is not updated regularly, it will decrease the number of visitors and the search engine positioning will be much weaker.

    Web site management services include:
    • database administration
    • introducing the website of new services or products that your company provides them: information, offers, pictures, photo galleries etc ...
    • verifying the functionality of the site or web application
    • implementation of new web technologies
    • submission to web directories

    The prices for these services varies from 25 - 80 € per hour considering the desired updates and depending on their complexity.

You can find us in Ploiesti, Romania

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